9 Stocking Stuffer & Small Gift Ideas

So, I'm planning a special project for affordable Christmas gifting this year.  I needed to brainstorm some small gift ideas, similar to stocking stuffers, so I figured I'd share for anyone else who might need a jump start on ideas!
Stocking Stuffer Christmas Gifts

Nail Polish & Other Make Up

Nail polish is always simple and affordable.  Personally, I buy Pure Ice or LA Colors, both of which are affordable and can be purchased at Dollar General or Wal Mart in most areas starting at $1.  I think we'll just go ahead and lump other make up in here as well, so as not to repeat myself.

Hair Accessories

I highly suggest Goody hair styling products.  They are affordable and should be available at your local Wal Mart.  Of course, there are plenty of other brands and options other than hair ties.  Barrettes and bobby pins and other small hair accessories would fit, as well.


Okay, so some of you might argue that this belongs with the nail polish and other make up.  Well, hush, because I think it deserves it's own category.  You can buy Chapstick for as little as 98 cents each in most Wal Mart check out lines (can you tell I spend to much time at Wal Mart?) or you can usually find bundles and save a dollar or more.  Plus, other brands of lip balm are available such as the snazzy looking Eos (for a little higher price, of course).

Bouncy Balls

Oh aren't these just the coolest?  You can buy bouncy balls in bulk online, so you don't have to stand and empty the vending machines one ball at a time.  They have all kinds, from glow in the dark to smiley faces.  Of course, remember these are probably not safe for younger children as they pose a choking hazard.


Another super affordable, easy extra-small gift is stickers.  Again, they can be ordered in bulk online or found for cheap at most local stores (it doesn't even have to be Wal Mart!).  Plus, you can give each kid a few stickers combined with other fun, small gifts.

DIY Bookmarks

I absolutely love this idea from the Design Mom blog!  It's a DIY yarn ball bookmark.  It's super simple and super cute.  A perfect gift for any book lovers you might know!

Okay, this one is obvious right.  Almost everyone loves candy.  Those people that don't are just super weird.  Pictured here is M&Ms by Mars Chocolate.  But, hey, I'm not picky!  You can bet I'd be happy with just about any kind of candy, especially chocolate, regardless of the brand.  For my own project, I'm looking more at the snack size candies.

DIY Candles, Bath Salts, or Bath Scrubs

These DIY mini candles from Something Turquoise really hit the spot with me.  Plus, the ingredients seem totally affordable and the actual DIY part seems do-able.  I also found these DIY candy cane bath salts and this bath scrub recipe.  Let the pampering begin!

Golf Balls & Tees
Okay, so I only know a few men in my family that would truly appreciate these.  However, these are great for them, if no one else!  I hope I don't have to know anything about golf to buy these.

What are your favorite small gift ideas?

How to Recognize a Money Scam

Scams are running rampant these days, whether you're job hunting, trying to buy something on craiglist, trying to earn/save/invest money, or just about anything you can do online. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to scams, especially if they are desperate and/or in need of major financial help. It's important to be aware of indicators of a scam, and always do your research, be overly cautious, and never send anybody your money or personal information.
Don't Be a Victim to Money Scams
While the website at the end of this video no longer seems to be active, I think the video pretty much sums up money scams.  When looking for this kind of information online, there was a ridiculous amount and it was overwhelming.  I'm sharing this because of someone close to me that I think it's relevant to, and I think we should all be aware so we are able to protect ourselves and help our loved ones protect themselves.
  1. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.
  2. Never send money to businesses or people you do not know, especially if they are not local.
  3. Scammers typically promise money, but only after they receive some from you.  Your money is stolen and you never receive the product/money you were promised.
  4. You should never share personal information with people/businesses that you are not absolutely sure are trustworthy.  This includes credit/debit card information, bank account information, birth date, social security number, etc.  Identity theft is real!  It can ruin your life.
This all seems so simple, but when you or someone you know is desperate, it's easy for them to be blinded by the hope that these people falsely present!  Be aware.  Be safe!