August's Movie Reel

I don't know if I've ever mentioned that my husband is a movie buff, but he is.  He watches so many movies and TV in general.  He loves it.  It's his thing.  Therefore, I've seen more than my share of movies (good and bad) during our relationship.  August seems to have been a real kicker for me, so I wanted to share the movies I've watched and my experiences with them.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A reimagining of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies,  reporter April O'Neil is looking into a local crime organization and gets saved by mutated turtles who intended to not only save her, but the entire city of New York.
Starring: Megan Fox, Will Arnett, and William Fichtner
This seemed like a must watch from the second the trailer aired.  With the Turtles boasting a new, unique look to them and a humor-packed preview, I was beyond excited.

Unfortunately, the movie was a little dry and predictable for my taste.  All of the funnies seemed to have been left in the trailer with nothing to look forward to in the actual movie.

As expected, the story line was predictable, but not exactly the same as the original Ninja Turtles'.  Therefore, they surely upset a few hardcore fans.

We did take our 8 and 4 year-old and our newborn.  The boys loved it and were zombie fighting ninja turtles (yes, my boys were cross over some other favorites) for a few days following the movie.

Rating: 6/10


A story two parents who have an awful blind date and then are forced together with their separate families on spring vacation.
Starring: Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler
Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have great chemistry, yet again!  I laughed so hard I was brought to tears by this romantic comedy of two radically different single parents who just can't seem to get away from each other, no matter how hard they try.

We watched this as a couple and it was everything we hoped it would be.  It was appropriately funny with just enough romance.  We were disappointed to only have rented it and will definitely buy it soon!
Rating: 10/10

Leprechaun: Origins

Another re-imagining of an old favorite, Leprechaun: Origins promises to be more scare and gore minus the funny of the other Leprechaun movies.  Two couple travelling through Ireland are about to discover a small village's dark secret.
Starring: Brendan Fletcher, Melissa Roxburgh, Andrew Dunbar, and Stephanie Bennett.
I was not looking forward to this movie.  My husband was boasting how scary it was going to be, and I expected to spend most of the time with my head buried in his chest.  Instead I spent the entire movie waiting to be that scared.  To say it was a huge disappointment to both of us would be about as accurate as I can get.

We expected much more from this movie, but maybe the Leprechaun story just doesn't exist without that funny, demented, evil Leprechaun from all the other movies.  Personally, I think there is no wow factor and they could have done so much more with this.
Rating: 3/10

The Expendables 3

The Expendables must take down an international arms dealer, who just happens to be an old friend-turned-enemy of Barney's that everyone thought was dead.
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes, and Jackie Chan, among others.
We couldn't wait to go see this movie, and we lucked into being the only two people in the theater!  How great!  Anyway, the movie was another action packed win in our book!  My husband even speculates that they've set the stage for the next generation of Expendables with this one.
Rating: 8/10

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Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas
Yummy chicken fajitas!
I love my slow cooker, if that isn't already obvious.  I'm a busy, busy person and my slow cooker gives me some extra time in my day instead of slaving over the stove.

I shared my favorite Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas over at Plucky's Second Thought.  Why not take a look?
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0-3 Months Favorite Baby Items

Awwww.  It's so sad (and, okay, also exciting).  My baby girl turned three months old on August 2nd (yes it really is August guys).  So, I know many of you are rounding up last minute school supplies or maybe your little (or not so little) ones are already back in school.

I was just thinking about some of my favorite things so far with kiddo #3.  I've discovered many new baby items that I wish I'd known about before!  We all know that diapers and wipes and somewhere for baby to sleep are essential, so let's skip those things and talk about some other great baby items for your baby from newborn to three months.

0-3 Month Essentials & Favorites

One through five are not affiliate links of any sort.  They're simply links to Amazon for the exact item which I use, except for the ring sling.  I made my own ring sling.

1. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller

I absolutely adore my stroller.  I posted about getting one back in February, before Luna was born, and I have been thrilled with it, just as I expected I would be.  It's absolutely perfect for my preschooler and infant combination, since my 4 year-old likes to get in and out.  If you want to know more about the Sit N Stand's features, feel free to read my original post recommending it.

2. Bright Starts Bouncer

We have this exact bouncer.  My daughter absolutely loves it.  I stopped putting batteries in it after the second time someone took her out of it and didn't turn it off, so the batteries died the same day they were put in.  

She likes the activity bar that you can attach to it and I often clip other colorful toys onto it.  Plus, it's a great way for her to get in some kicking action.  She kicks her leg  to bounce herself.

While we loved the swing the first few weeks (and still use it 1-2x a day), the bouncer is much more portable and she seems to like it best.

3. Ring Sling

I am so sad I didn't know about babywearing with my first baby.  However, I'm so glad I've discovered it this time around.  I made my own ring sling for around $15, but this is a link to an Amazon search for ring slings.

You can also search Google for some smaller businesses that sell ring slings or look on Etsy.

Either way, I highly recommend one!  They are easy to use, versatile, great for nursing in (especially in public), and will allow you some hands-free cuddling and nursing time.

4. Munckin Cleaning Brush Set

All you Dr. Brown's lovin' mommas out there (sorry, I'm not one of them) will be really excited about this.  I have heard lots of moms recommend Dr. Brown's bottles, but I personally think they look like a nightmare so I've never used them.  

They have that long straw-like tube, that is apparently impossible to clean without the brush that comes with the bottles.  

You can buy replacement brushes (~$5) from Dr. Brown's, but I've never seen them in store.  On the other hand, I purchased this Munchkin cleaning brush set at Wal Mart for about $4.  It has 2 nipple brushes, 1 valve and 1 spout brush.  

How awesome, right?

These are also really great for cleaning breast pump parts.

5. Baby Trend Play Yard (Pack N Play)

My wonderful father bought me this as a baby shower gift.  It's absolutely amazing!

With our first baby, we used a pack n play almost never.  We lived in a single story apartment, briefly shared a room as a family at my mother in law's, and lived in a two bedroom trailer during my son's infancy/early toddler years.  There was rarely a need for him to be in the pack n play.

However, we now live in a two story home.  We bed share with our daughter, but she does still have a crib and pack n play.  The pack n play is downstairs for easy access for diaper changes and daytime naps.

Luna has just started noticing the giraffes hanging from the canopy, and she loves to stare at them.  The storage attachment on the front holds wipes and diapers, and then still has room for other essentials (like baby powder or lotion) and there's a pouch on the side I use for her dirty clothes!


Now, I used one time with my first baby because new customers can save $10 off their first case of diapers (use code:  HEYMAMA) and free 1-2 day delivery at $49.

However, I never realized how fantastic was until I gave it a go this time around.

After I finally ran out of diapers from my husband's pre-baby diaper party, I looked to for my diapering needs.  There's always a coupon code to be had or a sale to take advantage of.  Also, you get discounts for autoshipping!

You can set up an auto shipment for every 1-16 weeks or every 6 or 8 months.  I get an auto shipment every 4 weeks.  It's fantastic that I never have to worry about running to the store to buy diapers or wipes, and they come right to my door monthly.  Convenient and I'm not spending more than I would buying them at the store!

Actually, I've always saved money thanks to discounts, sales, and coupon codes.  How awesome is that!

If you use my referral code, you can get 20% off your first order at or any of the other Familyhood sites, except BarSoap.  And I will get $5 credit toward my future orders.  Use code AMAN90535 at check out.

They're also having a sale on breastfeeding related items this month, so go check them out!

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14 Quick Breastfeeding Facts

Think you know all there is to know about breastfeeding?  Here are 14 facts.  See if you knew them all!

  1. Human milk can be sold for anywhere between $1 and $10 or more on the internet and to at least one legitimate milk bank.
  2. Breast milk sprays out of many holes on the nipple. Hello breast milk sprinkler!
  3. Around 75% of moms produce more milk with their right breast.
  4.  Breast size has nothing to do with milk production.
  5. Breastfeeding and being breastfed both reduce the risk of breast cancer.
  6. Breast milk adapts and changes as baby gets older and may even vary from day to day.
  7. Breastfed babies have a lower risk of SIDS.
  8. Mothers can have let down (the reflexive flow of milk) from seeing baby, hearing baby cry, thinking about baby, thinking about breastfeeding or, sometimes, for no reason at all...not just when nursing.
  9. On average, breastfeeding moms get more sleep than formula feeding moms.
  10. Your breast milk has a distinct scent that baby can detect.
  11. Almost 75% of breastfeeding (or pumping) moms seek outside help, such as a lactation consultant or support from La Leche League.
  12. Starting your period or hormonal birth control can decrease your milk supply.
  13. Lecithin supplements can help with clogged milk ducts.
Did you learn anything?  What do you think should be on this list?

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Back to Breast: My Journey Back to Breastfeeding #worldbreastfeedingweek

Ahhh! Where have I been?

Oh. You know. Around.

I know I've been very absent the past few weeks and I could work up a million (totally legit) excuses, but let's just move on, shall we? And let's get to celebrating World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7 2014.

I mentioned in the past that I was exclusively pumping for my daughter, as I did for my first child. This was something I was doing by choice, rather than something I was forced to do, as some moms are.

However, after some self-reflection, experiencing the desire to return to nursing my daughter, and stumbling across some great breastfeeding bloggers (ahem, The Badass Breastfeeder)...

Well, I came to some conclusions. I was pretty ashamed of what I came to realize.

My Self-Imposed Breastfeeding Obstacles

  1. I was scared.
  2. I thought exclusively pumping was what I wanted, but really it was more about the following realizations...
  3. I was trying to convenience everyone else, and I thought breastfeeding was going to somehow inconvenience others.
  4. I didn't want to offend anyone by breastfeeding my daughter in front of them and/or in public.
  5. I had my own insecurities about my body.
I was pissed at myself for letting the fact that breastfeeding, and especially breastfeeding in public, is still so taboo. I was afraid of being judged or, heaven forbid, that someone would be downright nasty with me. I decided, right then and there, that everyone else could screw off. For some reason, I missed the breastfeeding relationship I had with my daughter.

Working Through It

After two months of exclusively pumping for Luna, we returned to nursing. Like the beautiful, amazing baby that she is, we returned like bottles had never been a thing and breastfeeding was all she'd ever known. Obviously, I'm more than blessed because many, many women struggle to get that first latch or struggle with nipple confusion and bottle preference later in breastfeeding.

This isn't me bragging that I didn't have to suffer through that. This is me joyously celebrating that I did not have to experience the disappointment that surely would have ensued had I made the decision to return Luna to the breast and she refused. I'm sure I would have been crushed.

Am I still adjusting? Yes. Do I still feel insecure at times? Of course. However, I'm not about to be bullied into denying myself or my daughter this experience.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week everyone!
What struggles have you experienced breastfeeding? Can you relate to any of my self-imposed struggles?

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