What is a surrogate mother?

Something I hope to be posting more about in the months to come is surrogacy.  While the journey is just beginning for me, I believe it will be one of the most rewarding adventures I will ever be a part of.
What is a surrogate mother?
However, most people don't really now much about surrogacy.
a substitute, especially a person deputizing for another in a specific role or office.
"she was regarded as the surrogate for the governor during his final illness"
synonyms: substitute, proxy, replacement
So, if you don't know already, a surrogate carries and delivers a child for an intended parent or parents to raise.

A surrogate comes in two basic forms: a traditional surrogate (TS) or a gestational surrogate (GS).

A traditional surrogate uses her own eggs and a gestational surrogate doesn't.  This is the most basic of descriptions.
Brief explanation of surrogate moms
This is my small, somewhat official announcement of intent.  We're not too far into this yet, but it is something my family and I are pursuing with great pleasure and pride!

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Mummy do it

4 Reasons Not to Have a Wedding

Stereotyping would lead everyone to believe that all little girls spend their childhoods dreaming of being a princess and (when they realize the unlikeliness of that happening) planning their big day in a white dress.

Well, believe it or not, I never had even thought about wedding planning as a child. It was just never one of my dreams to have some big, extravagant wedding. I actually cringing a little right now.
4 Reasons NOT to Have a Wedding
My husband and I have been married for over 5 years now. We were wed by a judge in a local courthouse. We "celebrated" the weekend before we were married by resting comfortably in our new apartment and taking the weekend off work. We were wed on a Monday afternoon, about an hour after I left work for the day.

1. You don't have a couple extra thousand dollars.

Even inexpensive weddings typically climb past $1000 after you break down all the real expenses. Even if that's spread over time, could you and should you have used that money for something else? We skipped the fancy wedding and reception and put the money toward our first apartment and the baby we were expecting. Instead of entering into marriage with some extra debt, why not take that money and apply it toward something like a first home, student loans, an emergency fund, etc.
4 reasons to get married but skip the wedding

2. You don't like to ask your friends to pay for your wedding.

This one drives me a little crazy. I've never understood the, "Want to be in MY wedding? Yeah? Okay, I'll need X amount of money for your bridesmaid dress for MY wedding." I know not every wedding works this way, but it seems to be more and more common, especially when people are trying to save money. If that's the case, see point 1!

3. You might get divorced.

Ouch! That one hurt, didn't it? Divorce rates are crazy high, so it's possible, but let's hope it's not probable. Anyway, dropping a couple thousand dollars on a wedding only to get divorced in a year, two years, or five years seems crazy!
4 Reasons to Skip Your Own Wedding

4. You'd rather celebrate time wed, not getting wed.

This was a big one for me. I'd like to have a vow renewal someday to celebrate being together X amount of years. I think that's a cause for celebration, more the just celebrating getting married. I'd rather celebrate staying married.

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6 Back Carry Friendly Babywearing Exercises

Recently I told you how babywearing benefits babies, but there are also some benefits for moms, as well!  One of these benefits is that it helps mom lose the "baby weight."  Now, this is just referring to regular ol' babywearing.

However, some of us like to take it a step further and exercise while babywearing.  Whether it's frequent or occasional, babywearing and exercising can be an efficient way to get your exercise in while keeping baby close and happy.  Baby also acts as a natural weight for momma during the workout.

I compiled a list of back wearing friendly workout moves for babywearing moms (or dads) and then scoured YouTube to find some videos on proper form (if you cared to know).  Put these together in whatever combination works for you and you have a Back Carry Babywearing Workout Routine!

I also came up with a quick routine for you, if you didn't want to wing it.  It's at the bottom of the post.

1. Squats

2. Planking

3. Push ups

4. Lunges

5. Chair Dips

6. Lunge Kicks


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6 Ways Baby Benefits from Babywearing

I discovered babywearing when my daughter was still a squishy new baby.  She turned 1 in May and is actually asleep in a carrier on my back right this second! Babywearing has been pure love for us and even my 5 year-old likes to get in on the fun.
How Babies Benefit from Babywearing

There are many benefits and you might encounter a few people who are less than supportive of your choice, so why not be armed with these 6 ways babies benefit from babywearing!

1. Babies cry less.

This isn't just one person's impression, experience, or opinion.  There was actually a study done on the matter and babies cry 40-50+% less!  Carried babies have lower stress levels.

2. Helps regulate baby's body temperature.

If you've read my post on some of the benefits of bed sharing, this might sound a little familiar.  Anyway, mom's body temperature will rise or fall a degree to help regulate baby's temperature, as needed.

3. Aids in muscle development.

One of the biggest concerns nay-sayers tend to have is something along the lines of, "He'll never learn to walk!"  This is definitely not true.  Babywearing aids in the the development of muscles required to sit, stand, and walk.

4. It's safe!

A video posted by momingabout (@momingabout) on

Cuddled against mommy or daddy is the safest place for baby to be.  Keeping her away from unwanted touching and holding and germs!  On the other hand, you know where baby is at and never have to experience the nightmare of a missing child.

5. Aids in healthy social and emotional development.

Being around mommy or daddy's eye level, baby experiences things as her caregiver does (not from the floor).  Baby can feel secure in her experiences because she is so close to a loved one and not be overstimulated by the world around her.

6. Facilitates breastfeeding!

With babe close to mama and close to her source of food and being able to nurse in most carriers with some practice, babywearing really helps facilitate breastfeeding.

What is your favorite benefit of babywearing? Share your favorite babywearig memory  in the comments below!
1 – Kostandy et al., “Kangaroo Care (Skin Contact) Reduces Crying Response to Pain in Preterm Neonates: Pilot Results,” Pain Management Nursing 2008: 9:55-65
1 – Hunziker UA, Garr RG. (1986) Increased carrying reduces infant crying: A random-ized controlled trial. Pediatrics 77:641-648

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Breastfeeding: Weaning & 6 Nursing Triggers

As I mentioned in my World Breastfeeding Week post, sadly Luna and I's breastfeeding journey has come to a close with her just turning 16 months old.  It's a bittersweet, somewhat sad time for me.

These past 4 to 6 weeks have been full of transitions for her and I, as she has weaned off breastfeeding with only a little nudge from me at the end and is spending most nights in her crib next to our bed rather than in our bed with us.

Some days we're both a little cranky and frustrated because we just want to revert back to how it used to be, but we've already moved past it so we must figure out new ways to manage.

When I get home from work, for example, I make her peanut butter crackers and apple juice.  This was the last feeding session for her to drop.  The only other time we sometimes struggle with out new sans breastfeeding life is at afternoon nap (usually close to the time I get home from work, also).

At night we both sometimes fall asleep with me rubbing her back or her holding my hand/finger.  If she does wake up in the night, she gets some mommy and daddy cuddles and spend the rest of the night with us.

It seems like yesterday when she was born, but we are watching her grow everyday! If you and your child are going through the weaning process, here's 6 things to consider when trying to figure out triggers for your child's nursing.

1. Is she hungry?

Try to figure out if your child is hungry.  If she is, give her a healthy snack to fill her belly so she doesn't feel the need to nurse.

2. Is she thirsty?

She might need something to drink, so offer some water or juice.

3. Does she need cuddles?

She might need extra attention during the weaning process, even if it's partially initiated by her.  Offer extra love and attention and consider babywearing.

4. Is she tired?

If she is tired and used to nursing to sleep, it might be extra hard at first to find other soothing methods.  Find something that works for you.  Try cuddling, babywearing, back rubbing, etc.

5. Is she sick or teething?

Nursing Triggers - Teething
Sick and teething children want extra comfort and might feel a stronger desire to nurse.  If this happens during the weaning process, you can consider alternative ways to make her feel better.

6. Is it habit?

Routine is routine and your child might be used to nursing after this, before that, or whatever.  Switch up your daily schedules or, better yet, start new routines to help keep both your minds off other stuff.  Getting out of the house can help, too!
What triggers your child's desire to nurse?  Did your child self-wean? What was the hardest part about weaning for you?
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