Moming About!


verb: the act of or actions related to being a mom (slang for "mothering")
Moming About is a lifestyle blog with a large focus on parenting topics, especially parenting with love, breastfeeding, babywearing, and some other so-called crunchy practices.  It also includes memoirs, tutorials, and advice.

My name is Amanda and I'm the author of this blog.  I'm in my early twenties and have just recently complete my family by adding our third child and only girl.  We also have two school age boys.  The 'we' is myself and my husband of 5+ years, Daniel.

I'm a young, working mom who also attends school full time.  I believe we're all works in progress and I'm always trying to learn, grow, and be a better person and parent.

I'm passionate about women's health, especially as it directly relates to parenting.  I love a good book, evidence based debating, and being a mom!  In five years I hope to be traveling and living in an RV with my family, working from home with my IT degree, and exploring the world one slice at a time!

I can be reached via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.  Add me, follow me, send me message...whatever.  I'll be pretty excited either way.  :)

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  1. Really cute About layout! It's nice to meet you.


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