4 Tips to Get Kids to Enjoy Reading

Reading.  We know it's fundamental that children learn how to read.  Children Kindergarten age, and sometimes earlier, are reading or learning to read.  Ready is pushed so hard by schools and parents that it can be very stressful and not fun for children.
Tips to Get Kids to Like Reading
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Reading expands vocabulary, improves speaking, logic, and communication skills and has many more benefits!  Here are 4 tips to get your children loving reading!

1. Read to them.

Some parents start reading to their child in the womb!  Whether or not it's necessary to start that early might be debatable, but it is important to start reading to your baby early on in infancy.  Even the youngest infants will enjoy the sound of your voice as you read to them.

As children grow older they can enjoy the colors, shapes, and pictures.  Eventually children will be able to read themselves, but they will still value you taking the time to read to them.  After they can read on their own, you can do shared reading time and take turns reading to each other!

2. Read what they like.

It's important to recognize that children are more likely to read something that interests them!  If you child is into superheroes, Barbie, bugs, horses, etc. then get them books about their topic of interest.  If you're not sure, try simply asking your child or just buying a variety of books.  You might also consider books with familiar characters or themes.

3. Reward them with reading.

Now while rewarding reading is definitely an option, rewarding with reading is a great way to promote that reading is a fun, positive experience.  For example, allowing older children to stay up 15 minutes past their bed time, if they're reading, is a way to reward children with reading.  Don't assign reading as punishment, as that will only reinforce any ideas your child has that reading is not for fun.

4. Lead by example.

Carve out some time in your busy schedule to lead by example, and read for pleasure.  If this is not something you typically do, try following tip #2 for yourself.

Remember that there are a variety of types of reading materials.  These include magazine, poetry, self help books, how to books, fiction novels, and more.  Find what your kids like.  Find what you like.  And read on!
What are you currently reading or hoping to read?  What does your child enjoy reading?
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  1. i loved when my mom read to me :) it's one of my favorite parts about my childhood and can't wait to do the same - i am due in january with our first- yay! thanks for the great tips

  2. My son loves books. He always chooses a book at night to read with him. They always love bedtime stories.

  3. These are such great tips, and as a children's librarian myself I love that you are sharing this. I think #4 is a big one people don't think about! When I was a teacher I would always make sure when we had to do any sort of silent reading I would reading as well (instead of grading papers or something) to set a good example for the kids.

  4. I agree with your suggestions. I am a teacher and find that my students don't really spend that much time reading. I try to encourage reading and get books they like. I think that kids need to learn to love reading from an early age and from home :)

  5. I love reading to my kids! I really need to start a book to enjoy on my own spare time

  6. I am always trying to get my kids to read more and I love the idea of rewarding them by staying up later to read, this may just work! Thanks for the tip ;)

  7. These are wonderful tips! My kids love to read and I agree in that we have to read to our kids because my kids enjoy when I read to them.

  8. These are some really great tips! My daughter is book obsessed!


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