3 Things Killing the Breast is Best Campaign

I am huge supporter of breastfeeding.  You might even call me a breastfeeding advocate.  Then again, after this post...maybe not.  I have always been credited with being a very open minded, understanding person.  I usually do a good job of seeing all sides of things and judging accordingly.  That's why, I'm here to tell you that there are three things killing the breast is best campaign.
3 Things Killing the Breast is Best Breastfeeding Movement
Consider the following with an open mind and consider how we could improve, so that we can encourage and support more women in their breastfeeding journey!  If we want to normalize breastfeeding and support of mothers who choose to do it short or long term...we need to address the issues that are preventing this from happening.

1. Nurse ins.

Nurse ins draw a lot of attention to important topics.  For example, it often brings to light the fact that many businesses and their employees are unaware of the basic rights of a breastfeeding mother.  Also, we often become more aware of the lack of support for breastfeeding in communities, because nurse ins typically follow an unpleasant altercation with a business and it's employee(s).

I'm not saying nurse ins are bad or never necessary.  However, sometimes women jump the gun and can even hurt "the cause" more than help...regardless of how good their intentions were.  I think, and many others will agree, that a nurse in can come off as confrontational, and that's usually not the kind of message you want to send when you're trying to get an opposing group to see things your way.

2. Lack of or bad information.

This is the one that irks me the most!  I think a large part of the reason so many women "fail" at breastfeeding is because of the terrible misinformation they are given or the fact that advocates or advocate agencies tend to conveniently forget to mention any of the "bad" or challenging stuff.  They leave out the possible struggles, the things that could go wrong, etc.

Basically, many women are not realistically prepared for the trials of breastfeeding that may await them postpartum.  New moms come into the experience with false pretenses and then feel like a failure if they're not feeling the breastfeeding bliss immediately.  Someone forgot to mention that it's not always lollipops and unicorns right out of the box.

3. Bullying and alienation.

From the outside looking in, the breastfeeding moms club can be intimidating.  After being being preached to about its greatness, many women are eager to be accepted into the "club."  However, moms who are struggling with breastfeeding, quit breastfeeding, or never breastfed to being with can feel alienated or bullied by the VIP breastfeeders group.

An informed mother does not need to be badgered with facts and statistics she already knows.  She does not need to be snubbed, shunned, or insulted for her choices, struggles, or so-called failures.  This kind of behavior reflects badly on the community.  It's not always intentional, but it hurts no less.  Breastfeeding moms need to focus more on being a role model and spreading the information and help in a positive way.

Motherhood is hard.  Let's help each other out.  Let's focus on spreading the love and supporting our cause in a positive way.

Do you think there are other things negatively impacting the normalization and/or support of breastfeeding?  Share in the comments below!

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