Inconspicious & Affordable Coupon Organization

So it's unlikely that I'll ever be able to master being an extreme couponer.  That's okay with me.  I don't even remember to get the paper most Sundays, and I keep forgetting to renew my subscription.  Obviously, my couponing skills need work.
Easy Coupon Organization

Anyway, I found this idea somewhere, and it's my favorite by far.  Personally, I'm not really into dragging around one of those giant, obnoxious binders or getting a bunch of envelopes and a container.  That's way too much work and would likely never get done.

This, instead, is three of my favorite things... Simple.  Fast.  Cheap.

I purchased two small photo books/albums from Dollar General for $1 each.  One is for food and one is for non-food.  They're super inconspicuous and most coupons fit without any effort.  I have had to fold a few (see bottom right coupon), but that's no biggie.  All in all, I think this is the way to go if you need something cheap, efficient, and not so overwhelming.

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