Breast Pump Aversion: A New Relationship with My Pump

Not too long ago, I was an exclusively pumping mother. By choice. I was convinced I loved it. And, actually, this was my second time exclusively pumping. I did it for a year with my now four year-old son.

People were always surprised to hear that I exclusively pumped. Some were impressed. Others were confused. I think some people actually felt relief that they didn't have to watch me breastfeed. After all, I typically pumped in private.

However, people often seemed to think that it was such hard work.  I was baffled by this assumption.  This was the easy way, right?  I thought so, at least.  Pump and then just pop a bottle in that crying baby's mouth and go do dishes or something.  Easy peasy.

Well, after some soul searching and realizations on my own part, I returned to breastfeeding.  In case you were wondering, it's going wonderfully, still.  I can't believe I was slighting myself and my children on this experience.

While I was an exclusive pumper, breastfeeding moms always told me how much they hated pumping.  Many women claim that breast pumps just don't work for them.  Moms, professionals, and others also often claim that it is impossible to maintain a supply with a pump (which is false, in case you were wondering).

Now it was my turn to be baffled.

Of course, I had a great relationship with my pump.  I was an exclusive pumper, after all.

Well now I'm not.

Now, I'm a breastfeeder, just like all those moms who used to give me wide eyes.  Now I'm one of those moms.  My pump is like a friend turned enemy.  I avoid it like the plague.

I have a huge stash built up from when I was pumping.  Actually, my husband wishes he could find more than breast milk in our deep freezer.  So, every now and then when I really should pump... Well, I don't.

I actually hate pumping.  I don't know why.  It's not uncomfortable for me.  I've done it so many times that that's no big deal.  I just find it to be such a hassle and inconvenience now that it's not my every day life.

I get it now, ladies.  Pumping sucks when you could have a cute, cuddly baby do it instead.
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Hope your feelings aren't hurt too much Pump In Style breast pump, but I've moved on to a tooting, cooing, adorable baby girl.  I'll probably keep avoiding you, as much as possible.  But I won't forget what you've done for me.

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