18 Ways to Know You're a Homeschool Parent

Homeschool Parent
This post is brought to you by people who are not me because I'm not homeschooling (yet). I simply have observed lots of these funnies while researching and learning about homeschooling. I'm hoping you can enjoy them as much as I have!

We plan on homeschooling next year and I've even already started buying curriculum and books! We're all very excited!

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You Know You're a Homeschool Parent When...

  1. Your kids don't believe you when you say you don't know the answer to something.
  2. Your kids choose to ask Google, instead of you, so they can skip the 45 minute, relevant lecture.
  3. Planners get you excited.
  4. The kids ask where we're going when you put on jeans and/or make up.
  5. The dogs kennel themselves when you put jeans on.
  6. Booking vacations, you check to make sure public schools are in session.
  7. Ink has its own line in your budget.
  8. Your kids sleep until they're fully rested everyday.
  9. Your living room is now a classroom.
  10. You're out shopping and people ask your children (not you) why they aren't in school.
  11. Clearance school supplies get you excited.
  12. You can school at the beach, on the trampoline, in the backyard, etc.
  13. When you spend all of your Christmas break reading books that aren't related to your kids school work!
  14. It's Christmas break and you're working on schoolwork.
  15. Your family can enjoy matinee movies in near empty theaters.
  16. You get asked about "socializing" your kids.  ALL. THE. TIME.
  17. Someone asks what grade your child is in and you say, "1st through 4th...depends on the subject."
  18. Recess lasts more than two hours.

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What would you add to this list?

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