Pregnancy & Your Vagina

Pregnancy & Your Vagina
This week, I found myself getting on Google and searching "ugly vagina during pregnancy." Believe it or not, I didn't get a bunch of R rated nonsense.

Surprise! Tons of other women are posting on parenting, pregnancy, and baby forums about this. This is my third pregnancy and I'm kind of wondering why I am having this vagina epiphany right now.

So, obviously most women are expecting some changes during and/or post childbirth. Thanks to me (and Google) you can now be informed that it starts before birth, ladies!

Vaginal Changes During Pregnancy

New Scent, Taste, and Extra Discharge

Yes, that smell might actually be you. Thanks to your sensitivity to smells, you'll probably be the first (and maybe only) person to notice this. Your partner might notice a new taste...or maybe not. It's there, but not always as noticeable. To top it all off, you might find yourself changing your panties more often, and not just because you peed yourself after sneezing.

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Cheeseburger Crotch

Okay, so I didn't invent this term. The internet informed me that ugly pregnancy vaginas were deemed by some genius, "cheeseburger crotch." This is basically what someone thought their vagina looked like during pregnancy thanks to the swelling/puffiness that may or may not be equal from one side of your vagina to the other.

Varicose veins are not uncommon, even in the vaginal area. You or your partner might also notice a blueish tint, which can also be normal, thanks to pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow. To top it all off, pregnant women typically notice more ingrown hairs.

Extra Discharge During Pregnancy

Higher Risk of UTI/Yeast Infection

Pregnant women are at higher risk of getting a UTI thanks to extra pressure on the bladder and yeast infection because of the pregnancy hormones that change your pH balance.

On the Plus Side

There might be one benefit (other than the baby at the end, of course). Due to increased sensitivity and swelling during pregnancy, you might experience more intense orgasms!

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Keep In Mind

Pregnancy and child birth are miracles; that's for sure. The whole process is amazing and unusual and beautiful and crazy. Every pregnancy is different, and your doctor/OB/midwife is your friend! If you're worried or unsure, call them about it!

This is not medical advice, but I hope you've found it informative and maybe a little amusing.

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