7 Days to a Deep Cleaned House with Printable Checklist


Just before I delivered surro baby, I was agonizing over my dirty house.  After all, I was about to have my first c-section ever and was probably not going to be able to do anything at all for a while after, right?  Well, that turned out to be a little bit of an extreme assumption on my part, but nonetheless, it’s what I believed.

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So, as a push present to myself I created a deep clean list check list and paid someone—AKA my mom—to come clean my house while I was at the hospital delivering.  I’d never done this before but I remembered from delivering my own kids dreading going home to a potentially dismantled house from the days I’d spent at the hospital.

I kept this checklist for myself and am currently working through it to deep clean the house after several weeks of my kids and husband being home for Christmas break/shutdown.  The chaotic holiday break left the house dismantled and I’m always more relaxed and happy when the house is organized and clean.

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To get your house deep cleaned in 7 days or less, work through at least one section of the checklist a day.

I like to start by going through the house and doing general pick up of clothes, trash, toys, dishes and clutter.  I sometimes take the time to sweep the entire downstairs—we have all wood flooring—at this point, too.

After that, I go room by room and complete the check list.  If you have other stuff to add, I’ve included some blank lines at the end.

Deep Clean Printable

If you’re exceptionally motivated, with plenty of “spare” time, and the kids will be gone basically all day…you might be able to complete this awesome checklist in one day!  If you’re super lucky, you can’t just hire someone to clean your house for you and have them use this list for reference.

You might also notice that there’s a reference to laundry in every section.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the reminder to change over the laundry or the do laundry in every room.  Otherwise, I might just forget about the laundry while I’m cleaning the house and don’t remember until bed time that I didn’t even get one load washed, dried, and put away.

Happy house cleaning!  What tools do you use to help stay organized and get your home clean?

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deep clean printable list

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