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A few weeks ago I attended a bachelorette party.  I rarely go out, have girls nights, etc.  I'm more of a stay-at-home-and-read kind of person.  If I get a night to myself, I spend it catching up on TV shows, reading a book, surfing the internet, or...sleeping.

First Aid Shot Therapy #FASTrelief #SurfsUpVoxBoxAnyway, I cracked open my first alcoholic beverage in nearly a year; a fruity wine cooler, I knew I'd love from past experience.  Not even halfway through the wine cooler and I have the worse head ache imaginable.  I feel like the side of my face is being smashed in.

Unfortunately, on that night, I did have any First Aid Shot Therapy (FAST) pain reliever.  I was forced to drown my pain in jello shots and amaretto sour.  It was either that or call the hubby to come get me and scrap my whole night of fun.

So, it took a bachelorette party and a wine cooler to discover I have a tooth that for sure needs pulled, if not two.  However, lack of health coverage has me dentist shopping and, therefore, suffering a little while longer (and skipping the wine coolers until further notice).

FAST pain relief is a liquid, single does shot made with FDA compliant active ingredients.  When another tooth ache assaulted me the other day, I quickly downed FAST instead of my usual acetaminophen.

FAST claims to be berry flavored, but I don't really know.  I tipped my head back, dumped it in, a pretty much swallowed before I had to taste too much.  It's fairly bland if taken quickly, though I did get a quick bitter taste before I swallowed.

Bottoms up!  #FASTRelief
When I sniffed it before pouring it down my throat (yes, I did that), it was odorless.  Therefore, I wasn't sure what to expect when swallowing it.  Hence my decision to down it ASAP.

I'm not really sure when the pain relief came (between a crying baby and an only partially potty trained pup), but it was within the hour and it lasted over four hours.  I ended up going to sleep before it wore off or at least I went to sleep without my toothache returning.


FAST pain relief combines caffeine (a pain relief aid) and Choline Salicylate (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug - NSAID) for a fast acting, convenient pain relief solution!
First Aid Shot Therapy #FASTrelief #SurfsUpVoxBox
Find F.A.S.T. at a location near you!
I was really impressed with FAST.  As the acronym suggests and the product promises, pain relief is quick and lasting.  And the single dosage shot is super convenient!

Have you ever tried FAST or something like it?  What's your go to pain reliever?
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