6 Ice Cream Recipes to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month?

Well, you do now!
National Ice Cream Month Recipes

Ice cream is often a guilty pleasure of mine (and my husband's). I even made an ice cream sandwich birthday cake for Gabe's fourth birthday party this year.

Obviously, we like ice cream at this house.

To celebrate National Ice Cream Month, or just because you love ice cream, why not try one of these amazing ice cream recipes!

1. Blueberry Muffin Ice Cream

from Julia at Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body.  (This is an absolute must try for me!  ASAP!)

2. One Ingredient Ice Cream

a sure to be yummy and healthy ice cream variation from Andrew Olsen at the One Ingredient Chef.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Crunch & Peppermint Ice Cream

Yum!  My kiddo loves peppermint ice cream!  This recipe is from The Nest.

4. Ice Cream Cupcakes

OMG!  These are cute, already portioned, and simpy perfect!  From The Cupcake Daily Blog.

5. Fried Ice Cream

Uhm, yum!  Even I could make this!  Thank you Miriam at Overtime Cook!

6. Strawberry Cheesecake Icream

Oh, how I love cheesecake.  And ice cream.  Why not put them together?! From Tiffany at Creme De La Crumb.

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