Overcoming Breastfeeding Shaming

In early September, I shared a post on A Fulfilled Mommy about dealing with judgement, negativity, etc. as a breastfeeding mom.  It's unfortunate but true that this is an actual issue.  I, myself, have experienced it firsthand.

Unfortunately, when I first returned to breastfeeding my daughter (rather than exclusively pumping), I had some negative reactions after I posted breastfeeding and proud photos on my social media.  What was even more shocking was that these came from family!

I just couldn't believe it.  These are the people that we expect to support us the most.  Well, this made me even more determined because I was doing something I felt strongly about.  I had my own realizations about why I'd stopped breastfeeding with my son and, for several months, with my daughter shortly before this happened.  I wasn't going to be shamed or bullied into hiding in a corner (or a nasty bathroom) somewhere.

I still post breastfeeding photos, and I think it's important for other moms to know that you are not alone.  Feel free to read my entire post at A Fulfilled Mommy, where I talk more in depth on the topic.

Have you ever had negative reactions or feedback to your breastfeeding or know someone who has?
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