Transitioning from 2 to 3 Kids & More Changes

Sour candy face.
My daughter is 5 months old! Time has flown by and, as this has been happening, I've managed to lose my control of my time. I've managed to let life take a hold of me and drag me along, rather than me taking life by the reins and being in charge of my own time.

Auntie babysits while
mom is in class.
I'm definitely standing by the fact that transitioning from 2 to 3 kids has been harder than the transition from 1 to 2.  However, I think a big part of that might be due to our more hectic lifestyle now.

I work more.  My husband works more.  And we have obligations for the two boys on top of stuff for the baby.

It's so easy to be overwhelmed, and I have to admit that I've been drowning in my own chaotic mess and obligations.  I'm not good at asking for help and I've loss all sense of organization and management of my time.  I feel like I'm constantly forgetting things, missing appointments, cramming for schoolwork or other stuff, and so on.

I've lost the balance.

Poof.  Gone.

I'm ready to get back on track with my life, my goals, my health, my family (as I sit here drinking a Mt Dew...oops).

Life really is about what you make it, and I've been letting it be in charge of me.  I need to own my life and shape it into what I want it to be, and I'm ready to do just that.  I'm tired of being tired.  I'm sick of not accomplishing the things I want to.  I'm ready to pursue my dreams and reach my goals.

I'm starting now.  Today is the day I get it all together and start to feel a little less overwhelmed.  I can do this.

What tactics do you use to keep your crazy life balanced?
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