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I first discovered Minted around the time my daughter was born (nearly a year ago now). I was so sad that I hadn't know about their birth announcements!  When I still had a bun in the oven and was ready to buy the entire baby aisle, I posted about ordering prints for the nursery and for the boys' room and how excited I was!  Boy, was I missing out!

Minted has a whole slew of children's art prints, and I'm particularly loving this Anatomy of a Name print and it's available in 6 different colors!

While I'm going to spend the next week drooling over children's prints, I know Mother's Day is coming up fast!  Sunday May 10th, just 8 days after my baby turns one (insert sobbing here) and my middle child turns five!

While I was surfing through Minted's new collection of art prints, I came across the perfect Mother's Day present for my closest and longest friend!

Her family recently adopted an evil adorable Boston Terrier puppy, and this print is just so darn cute!  They also have a Doberman (talk about weird family dynamics), and she already has hanging wall wart for him.  I feel she just has to have this.  Since I'm terrible at keeping presents a secret (or any secrets, for that matter), she has also agreed that she needs this.

However, unlike me, you might not think a Boston Terrier print says Happy Mother's Day! That's okay!  There are tons of other options.  For something a little more traditional, you could buy your mom, grandma, or other mommy gal pal one of the Luminous prints or a Fading Pink Roses photograph!

Minted also has these new map gifts where you can fill in family photos in the shape of your home state (or some other state if you prefer, I guess).  I, however, am super impressed with their nifty foil maps.  Can you say shiny!

On a final note, I might be most excited about their Submit a Design challenges!  If you're not familiar, Minted hosts challenges where artists can submit their work to different categories (such as Happy New Years).  The fans vote and the winning designs are sold on Minted.  Winners get paid between $100 and $1000 and they get 8% commission on prints sold.  As a Vis Comm college student, I'm hoping to dive in on this challenge!

What piece art would be perfect for a deserving mom in your life?
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