20 DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Now that finals are over and my kids are almost out for the summer, I'm wondering...

Am I the only person that has been invited to a million baby showers between February and July, not counting the women I know who are pregnant and not having a shower?

I guess part of that has to do with all the mothering-related groups that I'm a part of and the fact that everyone I knew in high school is currently in their twenties and having babies.

I don't mind.  I love baby showers!  I love babies (usually).

Really, though, most (if not all) of these DIY baby shower gift ideas totally trump most of the gifts I've ever given!  They're double cool because they're homemade and unique!

Nursing, Teething, & Babywearing Necklaces

1. T-Shirt Yarn Nursing Necklace from Wayfarer Homemaker

2. Crochet Nursing Necklace from Repeat Crafter Me

3. Silicone Nursing Necklace from Chaos Parade

4. Fabric Nursing Necklace from How Does She?

5. Make You Own Amber Teething Necklace from Make Sew Baby

6. Allspice Teething Necklace from Montana Solar Creations


7. DIY Stackable Rings for Baby from Domesticesq

8. B&W Baby Rattle from Lis Gillet

9. Activity Mat/Gym from Thoughts & Thimbles

10. Baby Butterfly Soft Toy from Sew Mama Sew

11. Pentagon Fabric Ball Tutorial from And Other Silly Things

12. How to Make Cloth Books from Cloth Books for Baby

Diaper Cakes & Related

13. Diaper Babies from Frugal Fanatic

14. Diaper Wreath from The Mandatory Mooch

15. Basic Diaper Cake (Easily Customized) from Susie Stamp A Lot

16. Diaper Bouquet from Frugal Fanatic


17. DIY Baby Bibs from Alice & Lois

18. DIY Burp Cloths from Sew She Sews

19. Baby K'Tan Carrier from Lobolita

20. DIY Pacifier Clips from Make It & Love It

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