6 Ways Baby Benefits from Babywearing

I discovered babywearing when my daughter was still a squishy new baby.  She turned 1 in May and is actually asleep in a carrier on my back right this second! Babywearing has been pure love for us and even my 5 year-old likes to get in on the fun.
How Babies Benefit from Babywearing

There are many benefits and you might encounter a few people who are less than supportive of your choice, so why not be armed with these 6 ways babies benefit from babywearing!

1. Babies cry less.

This isn't just one person's impression, experience, or opinion.  There was actually a study done on the matter and babies cry 40-50+% less!  Carried babies have lower stress levels.

2. Helps regulate baby's body temperature.

If you've read my post on some of the benefits of bed sharing, this might sound a little familiar.  Anyway, mom's body temperature will rise or fall a degree to help regulate baby's temperature, as needed.

3. Aids in muscle development.

One of the biggest concerns nay-sayers tend to have is something along the lines of, "He'll never learn to walk!"  This is definitely not true.  Babywearing aids in the the development of muscles required to sit, stand, and walk.

4. It's safe!

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Cuddled against mommy or daddy is the safest place for baby to be.  Keeping her away from unwanted touching and holding and germs!  On the other hand, you know where baby is at and never have to experience the nightmare of a missing child.

5. Aids in healthy social and emotional development.

Being around mommy or daddy's eye level, baby experiences things as her caregiver does (not from the floor).  Baby can feel secure in her experiences because she is so close to a loved one and not be overstimulated by the world around her.

6. Facilitates breastfeeding!

With babe close to mama and close to her source of food and being able to nurse in most carriers with some practice, babywearing really helps facilitate breastfeeding.

What is your favorite benefit of babywearing? Share your favorite babywearig memory  in the comments below!
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