6 Back Carry Friendly Babywearing Exercises

Recently I told you how babywearing benefits babies, but there are also some benefits for moms, as well!  One of these benefits is that it helps mom lose the "baby weight."  Now, this is just referring to regular ol' babywearing.

However, some of us like to take it a step further and exercise while babywearing.  Whether it's frequent or occasional, babywearing and exercising can be an efficient way to get your exercise in while keeping baby close and happy.  Baby also acts as a natural weight for momma during the workout.

I compiled a list of back wearing friendly workout moves for babywearing moms (or dads) and then scoured YouTube to find some videos on proper form (if you cared to know).  Put these together in whatever combination works for you and you have a Back Carry Babywearing Workout Routine!

I also came up with a quick routine for you, if you didn't want to wing it.  It's at the bottom of the post.

1. Squats

2. Planking

3. Push ups

4. Lunges

5. Chair Dips

6. Lunge Kicks


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  1. These are great babywearing exercises. Thanks for sharing!


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