30+ Recipes For Boosting Lactation

Breast Milk Boosting Recipes
Breast milk production is heavily influenced by supply and demand from baby (or pump, if you’re an exclusive pumper).  However, sometimes that just doesn’t seem to be enough and we need a little extra lactation boost.

Certain foods are known to help increase milk supply for breastfeeding and pumping moms.  To help stave off boredom with eating oatmeal everyday, all day—or one of the other lactation superfoods—some pretty genius moms have come up with a variety of recipes that can help boost milk supply.
Lactation Drinks Smoothies Shakes

Lactation Smoothies & Shakes

Gluten & Dairy Free Lactation Recipes

Lactation Cookie Recipes & Baked Goods

Lactation Cookies & Other Baked Goods

Other Milk Boosting Goodies


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