2015 in 2015

Who has too much stuff? Raise your hand! If you're like me, you're flailing around and jumping up and down because you have loads of junk clogging up your happy space and home.

The 2015 in 2015 challenge is about clearing out 2015 items throughout this New Year.

Think you can do it?  I think you can!

Now, maybe you've heard of this challenge or something similar.  I ran into it a time or time while getting sucked into the big time waste that is the internet.  Some people are having an "empties" challenge, where they focus on emptying or using up goods, along with throwing out junk.

I say, whatever works for you!  I'm going to focus on decluttering my life by participating in the 2015 in 2015 challenge.  I'm going to make it a priority to clear out a minimum of 2015 items this year that are just junking up my life.

Are you with me?  Great!

I'm going to post periodic updates about my progress and what I've thrown away and how I'm progressing toward my 2015 items.  Luckily, I've already started!

Did you know, you could also donate your unused or unwanted items and they still count toward your 2015 items!  See, you can be generous and declutter.

Now, if only I can get my husband on board so he'll downsize from 1000 t-shirts to, maybe, 500!

Are you participating in the 2015 in 2015 challenge?  What is cluttering up your life, right now?

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