9 Affordable Experience Focused Kid Gifts

Give the Gift of Experiences
Once upon a time I posted some alternative hobbies for kids that aren't sports or video games. I also shared tips to get kids to actually like reading. The season of giving is upon us, so today I want to tell you about the importance of presence not presents.

This is something many of us, myself included, struggle with.

It's easy to try and measure love with stuff, to try and quantify it. However, we all know that love is a feeling. It can't be measured. It can be felt. You might even argue it can be seen.

However, we're all still tempted to be unintentionally materialistic. We love our children and our families love them. Grandparents, especially, are inclined to shower our children with gifts. Unfortunately, very few of these gifts offer experiences. Most of them are just stuff.

Stuff that will end up at the bottom of a toy box.

Something with a million parts that will never be put together again.

Sometimes people struggle with gifting experiences

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9 Experience Based Gifts

9 Experience Focused Gift Ideas for Kids

  • Laser Tag
  • Usually appropriate for kids starting around age 6. Fun for adults and children, so great to do as a family!
  • Zoo One Time Pass
  • Buy day passes for the zoo. It's even better if the the gift giver is planning on going as well (when able).
Give Aquarium Passes
  • Aquarium One Time Pass
  • If your giftees are lucky enough to have an aquarium nearby, why not gift them a day pass?
  • Museum or Conservatory One Time Pass
  • New museum? Favorite museum? Single passes and/or gift certificates are affordable options!
  • Movie Theater Gift Certificate
  • Buying movie passes or gift certificates/gift cards to the local theater can be a special treat.
Give the Gift of Bowling<

  • Bowling Gift Certificate
  • Classic fun to be had just about anywhere. A bowling gift certificate is a great gift to be used with friends or family.
  • Arcade Tokens or Gift Certificate
  • Local arcades (sometimes combined with mini golf, bowl, theme parks or other mentioned gift ideas) are a great place to buy and experiential gift. Buy tokens for the give recipient to use later or some other pass.
  • Mini Golf Pass
  • Mini golf is another classic and you can find a place almost anywhere. It makes great gifts to be used a family or with friends.
  • Horseback Riding Gift Certificate
  • If everyone is comfortable, able, and old enough, horseback riding can be a unique gift experience to give a family or individual.
Give the Gift of Go Karting
  • Go Kart Pass
  • These are fun for adults and kids! Younger kids may need to ride with an adult or older sibling, so this can be a fun family gift.
  • Theme or Fun Park One time Pass
  • If there's a nearby theme park, fun park, or similar area for a good time, you can usually buy passes, tickets, tokens, or gift certificates to give as gifts.

Have you ever received a gift like this? How did you like it? Do you think experiential gifts are better, the same, or don't like them?

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