Planning a Shared, Unisex Birthday

Shared, Unisex Birthday
Have I mentioned that two out of three of my children were born on the same day? There's exactly four years age difference and they're different genders. So, my middle and youngest share a May 2nd birthday.

I'm always pretty stumped when birthdays roll around (especially when it's two for one). What should I buy? Should we have a theme? Here I've shared some of the ideas I've either used or am considering using in the future!


Silly (Not Scary) Monster Party

This is what I think we're doing this year! It's fun and quirky and pretty easy (most important) and affordable (second most important) to pull together! I found these silly monster balloons, monster head suckers, and some silly monster invites all for less than $20 total!

Cakes always stress me out but one time I thought cupcakes was a better idea. Wrong! Either way, there's really affordable monster cupcake toppers and monster cake toppers to finish off the theme.

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Lego Party

We did a lego themed party last year. Actually, I spent most of the party budget on awesome cakes, so there wasn't a whole lot of other lego stuff. These lego gift bags would have been cool!

They also have cool, edible cake or cupcake toppers and lego party masks. So, I basically failed at our lego party last year. No one seemed to notice and here's picture of the kids' awesome cakes!
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Mad Scientist Party

Since my youngest is only turning two, I think we might save this idea for another year or two. However, I look forward to this fun theme. I'm just imagining the kids in these adorable safety glasses, examining the world with magnifying glasses.

No Theme

Seriously, you can skip the themes. Kids are totally okay with a cake you baked at home and simply celebrating their birthday with loved ones. They won't miss the themes much.

What's your favorite way to celebrate double birthdays?

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