A Minecraft Birthday

This is just a quick post I wanted to share from Talon's seventh birthday. I always try to go all out on birthdays. Sometimes I'm more satisfied than others! Talon turned seven in September and we finally decided on Minecraft for the theme. I made a small, double stacked, square cake that looked like the pixel cake from the game. My mother gave me a lot of grief about making such a small cake, but with all the Minecraft themed snacks... Well, we had quite a bit of cake leftover.

None of the pictures I took turned out to be very high quality. I think I might have had a smudge on my lens and not realized it, but you should be able to catch the gist from what I've provided. A lot of google searching I found probably too many plenty of minecraft images. After improvising and some fancy schmancy work on my part, I created label for all the snack dishes and coordinated edible versions of minecraft items to the labels, as you can see above.

This was a relatively simple idea and a pretty big hit with everyone, adults included. I did my best not to make all the edible Minecraft items candy, so you can see I had chicken nuggets (AKA cooked chicken), pretzels (AKA sticks), eggs, carrots, etc.

Corresponding Foods to Minecraft Items

  • Gold Bricks  Rolos or Mini Reeses with gold wrappers
  • Emeralds  green M&Ms or green rock candy
  • Rubies red M&Ms, red hots, or red rock candy 
  • Diamonds blue M&Ms or blue rock candy 
  • Cooked Chicken chicken nuggets
  • Eggs boiled eggs Sticks pretzel sticks 
  • Creeper Juice green koolaid or (what I did) add a tiny bit of green food coloring to bottled water 
  • Coal raisins 
  • Carrots carrots, obviously 
  • Dirt Blocks Chocolate rice krispies cut into squares 
  • Sand Blocks rice krispies cut into squares 
  • Water Blocks blue jello 
  • Lava cubed cheese 
  • Dynamite/TNT red twizzlers
Anything you'd like to add? I'll gladly credit you if you have any other good edible minecraft items! I'm sure I forgot some!

FYI: That awesome collage template is from The Coffee Shop Blog.

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