Choice Baby Names for Baby #3

Our chosen name is, of course, not on my list. So, if you were hoping for that, I'm sorry to spoil it for you. That's a secret until baby girl arrives. Anyway, you'll notice our girls names all end the same. It's an intentional thing, following both an intentional and unintentional tradition on either side of the family. Just roll with it. They are all great names!
For boy names, I loved very short, simple and to-the-point names. Obviously, Sebastian was an exception to this style. However, I really, really liked it, for some reason.

As you may have noticed, all my girl names end in -a with the sound being the same as well. Daniel's grandmother had four daughters whose names range from Katha to Serrena and the extended family is everything from Brianna to Jaleena. My mother incidentally (and accidentally) named her daughters Amanda, Jessica, and Makayla. While the ending 'a' is not a pronounced as many of my in-laws, it is there. So, we strove to carry on the tradition. These are our top names that we, inevitably, didn't pick (although I was hard pressed to move off Nora).

Some other names I like for boys include:
  • Oliver
  • Dakota
  • Quentin
  • Abel
Some other names I like for girls include:
  • Anastasia
  • Olivia
  • Dakota
  • Finley


  1. I absolutely love all those names! owen is my favorite name for a boy :)

    1. Ironically, I had an easier time choosing boy names this time around and I am having a girl.


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