Where to Get Coupons

One time, I posted about how I discreetly carry and organize my coupons. I also admitted that I'm unlikely to ever make it on the Extreme Couponing reality series (is that series even still on?). However, I think I do pretty good for myself.
Finding Coupons
I wanted to quickly share where I clip my coupons from.


Sunday Paper

The most obvious place to get coupons is out of your local Sunday paper. For me, I buy both my semi-local metropolitan newspaper and the town paper on Sundays.

I advise having the paper delivered to you so you never have to worry about forgetting or going out too late and the paper being gone. This has happened to me. Apparently everyone goes out and buys a paper before or after church, so if I sleep in...I'm not getting the paper.

Don't follow my bad example at forgetting to renew your subscription to the Sunday paper, either, because it saves you a lot of hassle. Plus, I hear you can get good deals if you seem reluctant to agree to a subscription. Every penny counts!


For me, many of the local libraries have a couponing group or they have a box where you can leave your unwanted coupons and take others. It's worth looking into. Also, other community centers might offer this. Otherwise, you could start one yourself!


Now, I'm a little particular about where I print coupons off. I rarely use coupon codes and I don't use digital coupons that you can load on to store cards like Kroger offers. While those are great if you want to dedicate yourself to that store, that's not for me. I like Wal Mart's ad matching policy, so I mostly shop there.


Coupons.com is, by far, the best place to get printable coupons. Coupons are automatically sent to the printer, so they print in color unless you have your settings changed. I posted a video tutorial on how to do just this the other day!

You can scroll through the entirety of the coupons or you can view them by category.


Proctor&Gamble offers the most coupons in my local paper. However, you can print a few that might not be offered in your paper or even duplicates of your favorites from their website. If you sign up, you can even get coupons and free samples mailed to you.


You can print manufacturer's coupons from Walmart.com, too!


I actually don't use this site often, and you can find their coupons in most local newspapers. However, you can print coupons from Redplum, if they have something you like!

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