5 Steps to Make Your Dreams Come True

Wow! Is it really that simple? Well, I believe it can be. I bet you didn't know that today is Make Your Dreams Come True Day! I'm celebrating by sharing some quick, simple, and effective steps to help you achieve your dreams.

Discover your dreams.

Many of us don't even know what our dreams are or have buried them somewhere deep inside, and we're too scared to admit them to ourselves. Before you can achieve a dream, you must discover it.

Write down your dreams.

Many, many people can attest to the effectiveness of writing things down. Whether making a to do list, a goals list, or a list of your dreams... writing them down has a way of making them real. Now, not only have we admitted our dreams to ourselves, but there they are; right there in black and white (or whatever colors you choose with write with).

Share your dreams.

I think this is super important. Share your big (and little) dreams with the people you care about and trust. Forget all the nay-sayers and remember those people that will lift you up and help you achieve your dreams. Tell these people what your dreams are. Similar to writing it down, it's helps keep us accountable. You never know when someone's going to ask, "So how's that book you were writing going?" or something like that. Tell people so they can help your stay on track and be excited with you!

Make a plan!

It doesn't have to be extensive. Maybe you have a big dream that needs broken down into smaller goals, like a stair case to the top. Maybe you just need to jot down a quick to do list (example: take a college course, join a club, etc) that will aid you in achieving your dreams. If you can make a plan, it'll be easier to work toward making your dreams come true.

Put that plan into action!

Finally, put your plan into action. Start working on your dreams ASAP. When you hit a rut, find those people your shared your dreams with and tell them about it. Complain. Whine. Most importantly, don't beat yourself up over a dream that is not yet achieved. Maybe you need a new plan. Maybe your dream has changed. Stay positive. Stay motivated.

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