Winter Family Fun (Plus Pregnancy Pictures)

When I first queued this post, it was suppose to just be some random pregnancy pictures. However, it snowed for well over 12 hours here between Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon. However, the wind blew a lot of the snow off the good sledding hill and (from what I heard) was blowing directly in your face if you tried to go down it anyway. So, we put the sledding idea on the back burner, and went over to our relative's house where my two nieces and my nephew were.

I hate winter, but (even to my husband's surprise) I was prepared to go out into the weather with my boys. The hubby's thermal underpants really helped!

I can honestly say I was toasty warm and had quite a bit of fun, though I mostly took pictures and threatened any children who aimed a snowball in my direction. The sled stayed in the car and my seven year-old started crying because his hands were cold after like 30 seconds, but we still had fun (after we sent Talon inside where he could strip off all those clothes that took 20 minutes to put on and get warm).

So, in the future, I will be investing in my own thermal undergarments. For now, I'll just steal my husband's and avoid rolling around in the snow too much. Without further adiue, here's some pregnancy/family photos!

19 weeks

Storyboards courtesy of The Coffee Shop Blog!

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