Use Ammonia to Clean Your Stove Grates

I missed posting on Friday this week, but (to be fair) this is my second week back to college and I'm adjusting to time management fairly well. I even opted to take an extra class this semester, so I'm taking 12 credit hours instead of 9! I figured the semester before baby girl gets here is probably a good time, right?

I'm, in no way, the inventor of this cleaning idea/tip, but I will advocate for it. It truly saves you the headache of scrubbing, mostly unsuccessfully, to clean your stove burners/grates. I also cleaned those things underneath the grate, though I have no idea what they're called. The process is simple.
  1. Pour some ammonia in a Ziploc bag or other sealable container/bag.
  2. Place grates/burners in bag and zip up. For people with single burners/grates, unlike my double ones, you can usually fit on per large Ziploc bag.
  3. Let sit overnight or so on your front porch or in your garage. I opted for the front porch because of the fumes.
  4. The fumes from the ammonia will make it so that getting all that grime off your stove grates is much easier.
Stove Grates Clean with Ammonia Stove Grates Clean with Ammonia
I've determined that you'll have better results with an air tight container or bag, because I have double stove grates (not pictured) and I double bagged them in trash bags and they didn't get quite as clean as whatever these parts are that I have pictured.

Stove Grates Clean with AmmoniaStove Grates Clean with AmmoniaStove Grates Clean with Ammonia
Have you tried this? Do you have anything to add? What are your favorite cleaning discoveries? Or Pinterest discoveries?


  1. I have done this before and it did work very well! I wasn't expecting how crazy the fumes were though! I did this when I was pregnant and nesting, and I'm not sure I would do it again anytime soon. Maybe in the summer when I can do the whole project outside.

  2. Hello, Amanda! I am so happy to find out how to clean my stove grates! Thank you so much for sharing!!


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