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So, I know my last post should have given it away, but I never did really announce that I'm expecting the third (and final) baby for our little family, but here's my baby and gender announcement all in one!  Obviously, as the picture reveals, we are expecting a girl!  Oh thank goodness!  With two little boys and a husband who's been dying to have a little girl, I feel so blessed that we finally got to make that a reality!

At our initial ultrasound (the diagnostic one), we were unable to find out the gender.  Part of me still believes it's just because we had the same ultrasound tech as when I was pregnant with Gabe and she didn't seem to like us very much!  The lady was mad, when we found out Gabe was a boy, that one (or both) of us mentioned that we'd been hoping for a girl.  She went on a rant about fertility drugs and being thankful we could have children naturally and blah blah blah.  Basically, she took it all personally, like we'd told her that we wanted to return him or something.

Anyway, after being disappointed that we were left hanging at the first ultrasound, we got lucky and there was a cancellation the same day I called a local ultrasound clinic (Miracle in Motion).  We were able to not only find out the gender of our little bundle, but we got a DVD with the ultrasound recording, including some 3D time and the heartbeat, plus a bunch of extra ultrasound photos!  The hubby was so impressed that he was already talking about returning for another ultrasound, because god forbid we wait until she gets here!  He's impatient, what can I say?

Oh, and just because I haven't shared them on the blog yet.  Here's some of our family pictures (all by the talented Olivia Eve).

Anybody else have exciting holiday news this year?  I know babies and engagements are abound!

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