4 Simple Way to Entertain Small Children

4 Ways to Entertain Children for a Few Minutes

Sometimes it amazes me what does and does not catch the attention of small children.  For example, I'm really not surprised to see a kid sucked into a TV, video game, or similar device.

However, when something as simple as an old, uncharged cell phone or a giant cardboard box holds one or both of my kids attention for 10 minutes or more...well, I'm a little impressed.

Tonight, Gabe saw that I had a pair of random kid safe scissors (where did they come from?  I don't know!) on my desk that I'd just used to open my textbooks I received in the mail.  Well he wanted to play with them and, after he initially tried to cut my shirt, I gave him a piece of notebook paper to cut.

He played all by himself on the floor for about ten minutes.  Then he asked me to take a turn or two cutting slits into the paper.  After about fifteen minutes, he was done, and I was happy that my kid spent 15 minutes doing something other than watching TV or playing video games.  It's refreshing to know that simplicity is still important, even to kids who spend the majority of their time wrapped up in a crazy, busy, tech world.

Simple Ways to Entertain Your Kids Minus Technology

  1. Scissors and paper (use varying paper and scissors to make it more fun)
  2. Washable paint, paper, and paint brushes
  3. Play doh (seriously, kids love this stuff!)
  4. Cardboard boxes, especially huge ones

Yes, many of these can be messy.  Sit them on the kitchen floor or at the table or something.  Sometimes we have to make sacrifices if we want a few minutes to do the dishes or go to the bathroom or whatever it is we need to do.
What do you offer your children to steal five minutes of mom (or dad) time?

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