Generosity of a 7 year-old

This is basically just a copy and paste from my personal facebook and is a total parenting brag post, but I think the world deserves to know how awesome I am my kid is.

You know those posts/shares about "Parenting: How to Know You're Doing It Right" or something like that? Well, this is how I know that we're doing something right. 

Last week Talon (my seven year-old first grader) received $5 from the "tooth fairy" (AKA: his grandparents) for a lost tooth. When we were at Wal Mart that day, I told him he should have brought his $5 and he could have played more air hockey or another game with his brother at the arcade. 

I then asked him where his $5 was exactly, thinking I'd forgotten to tell him not to take it to school and he probably lost it. Well, it turns out that his school had a donation box for Riley Children's Hospital and Talon took his $5 to school and stuck it in the box. 

I was a little shocked and I think, at first, Talon thought I was upset with him because he said (a little defensively) "Well, it was for a good cause." My husband & I told him that we were both so proud of him and that, that was an amazing thing to do. 

I have such an amazing little kid who cares about other people so much and can be so selfless. I just want everyone to know what an awesome thing he did, totally on his own and without any influence from us. It was all him. I wrote a note to his teacher and the principal announced it over the intercom.

Parenting. We're doing it right.

See! That was definitely brag worthy.  I love that my kids never cease to amaze.  It makes me all warm and fuzzy to know that my child isn't "corrupted" by the evils of society and is still selfless and generous, at least to a worthwhile extent.

What has you child done to surprise you lately?

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