Why We're Not Big On Santa

Why Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc Isn't That Important

Yep, it's been a long time.  So, sue me.

Anyway, after finishing wrapping all six (yep, I said it...we only have six) presents to go under our tree, I was thinking about Santa.  There is a huge lack of Santa worship going on in this house.  In fact, my kids (3 and 7 years-old respectively) have never had a Santa picture.  At least, not to my knowledge.

Apparently, there's some new parenting trend related to holiday figure-less child rearing.  I'm not really on or off this train, but I can definitely see some logic in it.  My husband is actually the one that brought it up to me and kindly dramatized childrens' reactions when they discover Santa isn't real.

We scarcely endorse the holiday figures.  There are no presents under our tree from Santa, and I can't remember if there ever have been.

3 Reasons We Don't Care About Santa

He's Not Real

Plain and simple.  Santa isn't real.  For some kids it's devastating to find this out.  Sometimes older siblings even make a point to tell their younger siblings for this very reason.  I just don't see the point in pushing an idea/though/concept/etc that doesn't even exist except for our own entertainment.

We Paid for Those Gifts, Darnit!

This might sound selfish, but we work hard for what we provide to our children.  Sometimes it's a struggled to provide them with some nice extras for the holidays.  Why would I want to give all the credit to some nonexistent fat guy that makes elves do all the work?

Just, Why?

What is the point of it?  I can't really think of a worthwhile explanation for why we make a big deal out of these holiday figures.  I suppose you could say they're fun, but my kids seem to enjoy these holidays without the added bonus of make believe characters.

So, I'm not saying you shouldn't teach your kids that Santa (or the Tooth Fairy, or whoever) is real.  I'm just saying you shouldn't feel guilty if you're teaching them that these people don't exist or if you're simply not pushing the idea that they do.

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