Grocery Pal: App Review

Next week, I hope to roll out a new weekly post theme (Weekly Menu Wednesdays) and Grocery Pal has become closely tied into my meal planning process. I love to save money, so ad matching, couponing, and shopping sales are a really important part of that.

Grocery Pal
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With Grocery Pal you can track in store specials per store, search for something specific (example: "apple" or "Downy") within all your stores' specials. You can also view, "clip", email yourself, and print coupons to use. You can create multiple shopping lists, though I haven't had a personal need for more than one.

When viewing weekly specials, you can click and add items to your list(s). You can even add the quantity, if you want to also use this app to track your expenses. Each list displays a total for the items listed, and you can check mark items as your purchase them and then "check out" via a cart symbol to remove them from your list. When viewing shopping lists, by default you see everything you've added from every store. However, if you just happen to make a quick stop at Dollar General and want to see what you have on your list from them only, you can view only your Dollar General list items.

Grocery Pal Shopping List Grocery Pal Store List

Specials are pulled from stores you've specifically added to your store list after searching an area around your zipcode. Not buying something on special? That's okay! You can add items to your list by clicking a plus sign and searching for a type or brand. If you know how much they cost and how many you want to buy, you can add that, too. There's even a section for notes!

You can get Grocery Pal on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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