10 Netflix Must Watch Shows

10 Must Watch Netflix Shows #netflix
If you're one of the many homes with Netlflix (and you should be), then I have compiled a list of some of my favorite television shows you can stream.  Dexter and Switched at Birth are my most recent indulgences, but I can't forget how much we loved Lost or how much I'm anticipating the new season of Sons of Anarchy!

I'm not a channel surfer.  Actually, I can't wait to cancel our cable in August when the contract is up.  It's a total was of money on our part because we all rarely watch it.

When we do, we're turning it on for a specific television show, many of which we can purchase a season pass to on Xbox Live.

Or, if you're like us an love too many shows and can't keep up, we can catch them when they come out on Netflix.  Dexter, for example, we never watched when it was on cable television.  We discovered it on Netflix and we're loving it on Netflix!

If you're wondering, this post is not sponsored by or endorsed by Netflix.  I have not been compensated by Netflix or anyone else for this post or these recommendations.  We pay a monthly subscription fee ($7.99) for Netflix and truly enjoy the service!

What's your favorite TV show to stream?

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  1. We are a Netflix house also!! I just finished S1 of The Fosters. Love your list, thanks!!

    Be Well, The Lady Kay


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