Shayla Black: Ours to Love | Book Review

I recently read Shayla Black's Ours to Love; an erotic tale self-described as "a wicked lovers novel."  This is the first book I've read by Shayla Black, but definitely not my first delve into erotic novels (Harlequin books, anyone?).

Ours to Love Shayla Black
Ours to Love book cover.
Black wastes no time getting down and dirty; a few sentences in and I'm already wondering Is every erotic novel based on the BDSM scene?  Obviously, I'm referring to the recent fame and success of BDSM erotica Fifty Shades of Grey.

Yes, you've heard of it.  I'm sure.

Starting off strong, I fully expected Black's book to be filled to the max with steamy goodness.  Well, that, it was.

However, when you stripped away all the sexing, there really wasn't much sustenance to the book.  Was there really much of a story in there?  No, I didn't think so.

Ours to Love features a sweet, naive, somewhat sassy female that seems top clique and I was feeling all been there, done that while reading the story.

I'm someone who has to know the ending, so I, of course, finished it.

In my opinion, Black's book was mediocre, at best.  It was thoroughly lacking a story when you stripped away all the sex.  The story that was there seemed to play out too quick, which caused for lack of character development and everyone seemed very bland.

I will probably give Ms. Black another chance sometime in the future, but Ours to Love is not a book I'll ever read again.
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