Tax Break for Breast Feeding Moms

Before finding Modern Mom's article on the subject, I had no idea that breast feeding mothers could have the opportunity to deduct a breast pump and related supplies as medical expenses on their taxes!

While there seemed to be equal outrage and support on the matter based on the comments on Modern Mom's website, the benefit is one that the American Academy of Pediatrics has been pushing for, for years.
Breastfeeding Tax Deduction
You might be able to count your breast pump as a medical expense.
Apparently, this is old news, so maybe you're already aware. The decision was made in 2010 and families whose medical expenses are more than 7.5% of their adjusted gross income can claim breast pumps and related supplies as medical expenses on the tax return.

Of course, this requires itemizing or having an FSA to be taken advantage of.

What is your opinion on the tax break? Do you think it's fair that breast feeding moms get a tax break while formula feeding moms don't?
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I don't have an education or professional training or knowledge in tax laws or filing taxes. Please consult your accountant and the IRS website.

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