Guess My Name: Printable Baby Book Page/Baby Shower Game

Guess who forgot to post this Guess My Name printable yesterday for letter G in the A to Z blogging challenge? Yep. It was me. I guess I just got all caught up in all the other stuff I was doing. Anyway, we're keeping Baby Girl's name a secret until birth, which is totally killing some of my closest family members (*cough* Mom *cough*). I thought it would be fun at the baby shower for everyone to write down their three guesses for Baby Girl's name. Also, it'll be a neat little addition to her homemade baby book.

There are two sizes, in .PDF format. One is 8x8 because I picked out a weird binder thingy for my Baby Girl's baby book. However, the other one is your standard 8.5x11. Click, save, print, enjoy!

8x8 Page

8.5x11 Page

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