Kid Kabobs: Easy Lunch or Snack

Today's letter for the A to Z Blogging Challenge is the letter K, and I'll be featuring a favorite snack from our house: Kid Kabobs. I'm sure you could find all kinds of ways to vary this snack to suit the tastes of your children or family!

My husband especially likes these with cheese and pepperoni, and that's the way we make them 99% of the time. To do this, you simply slice a block of cheese into long rectangles. Then you slice the long rectangles into thin squares, like you what you see on my kabobs.

Then you use a pretzel stick and shove the cheese and pepperoni on to it, alternating between the two. So simple and so delicious! Use the pretzel stick as a sort of handle and hurry and eat these before they're devoured by everyone else.

As I mentioned before, I'm sure you could alternate the cheese and pepperoni with other ingredients. You could use fresh fruits such as melons and grapes for a sweet and salty snack, which are always a delicious combination! You could cut up hot dogs instead of using pepperoni, to give your kids some variety. The possibilities are endless!


  1. Anonymous4/12/2014

    Yummy! I think I'm a big - lol.

    And I like the idea of a pretzel instead of toothpicks - which is how I most often see them done.

    1. Oh yeah. No toothpicks. Pretzels are edible and not pokey. Lol. And just better.


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