Organizing Your Tupperware Lids with a CD Rack

If you own tupperware at all, you've probably experienced the great mess that all that tupperware and lids can become; if you're not currently experiencing this problem, that is. Well, I'd seen this suggestion a time or two (probably on the infamous Pinterest). However, after repainting our living room, we had an extra CD rack just lying around.

Organizing Tupperware Lids with CD Rack

Since it was more of a toy for my son to play with than a CD rack, and I had a mess in my tupperware cabinet... Well, one thing led to another. I say it's serving a great purpose now!

Organizing Tupperware Lids with CD Rack

What do you think? Do you have a mess of lids in with your tupperware? Or how do you keep your tupperware organized? Please share any great organization tips you might have!

Organizing Tupperware Lids with CD Rack

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