A Clean Microwave in Five Minutes or Less

My microwave is not on a counter or even at eye level. Actually, it's high enough up that you can only tell it's dirty if the top is dirty. We have this cool slot above our stove where the microwave sits. Yay. More counter space! However, that means it often gets neglected in the cleaning department. It's pretty easy to ignore something you don't see.
Effortless Microwave Cleaning
Seriously, for some of you, this is something you probably already do. For the rest of you, you'll feel like me when you found this out: duh, why didn't I think of that?!

How to Clean Your Microwave in 5 Minutes or Less


  1. Get a wash cloth and wet it. Ring it most of the way out.
  2. Spray microwave with choice cleaner. (OPTIONAL! I usually don't do this.)
  3. Place damp wash cloth in microwave and turn on for 30 seconds.
  4. Let cloth cool enough to be handled. Then, wipe away the yuck.


Works like a charm! I learned this at my first job. I worked at a food restaurant and commercial microwaves get lots of use and can get really dirty!

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