Bring Your Kid to the Library Day!

Guess who's missed her Friday post deadline? Yep. Me.

According to my local library, today is Bring Your Kid to the Library Day. Now, I don't know if it's just my library or maybe it's one of those cool holidays like Make Your Dreams Come True Day, but does it really matter? I don't think so.

Going to the library to get me and the boys library cards has been on my imaginary to do list forever. So, when driving past the library yesterday, I decided I might as well stop in and get it done. After all, why not? Even my husband is really keen on our kids loving books, as it wasn't something he was exposed to that much as a kid. I'm a big book lover. I love reading. There are so many ways children can benefit from reading and loving books! For young children (and people of all ages, actually), it really helps with language development and expanding vocabulary!

Getting library cards was super simple! It took only a few minutes and Gabe loved playing with the kitchen set, doll house, and train set they had in the children's area. I signed him up for a Book Buddies program and we're starting the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program.

My kids have a decent collection of books at home, and I can't wait to return to the library so they can check out their first books! Their favorite book is Captain Underpants, but Fly Guy is a pretty big hit, too!

What books do your kids love? Do you and your kids have library cards? What awesome programs does your local library offer?


  1. We LOVE going to the library here! We haven't been able to go as much lately, since we have had several large snow storms lately, but we were going once a week to get a new big stack of books. Its really great to get out the house and let the boys play with the other kids at the library.

    1. We haven't been as much as I'd like to, either. Darn snow. We did finally pull out one of our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten tonight, instead of reading our typical batman or superhero related titles that we have at home.


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